Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty pictures

Want some creative photo inspiration? Then you have HAVE to check out these three eye-lighters: Visual Poetry, Photojojo and Expressive Photography! Love LOVE them!

Oh, and here's a goofy pic of Ellie watching me take pictures of the moon. You can see one of her gazillions of play toys behind her. I thought it was bad to pick up after a toddler but Ellie takes the cake, at any given time she'll have 7-10 toys strewn throughout the living and dining rooms.  xo - Em

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just feeling a little (ok, a lot) frustrated. Lost about 50 pictures on my flash drive today. The real bummer is that I think they were really good. Most of my photos from last night and today uploaded fine, but not the ones I took at a sweet little lake this afternoon. The light was perfect, the setting was serene. Giant colorful fall leaves drifting along the shoreline spotlit by the sun peeking through the clouds. Nice movement along the shore with slow, lazy days waves. Some of the leaves looked like little miniature boats just the right size for a fairy. The water was only a few feet deep along the shore and there were several leaves that were at the bottom of the lake looking upward - small fish swimming over and around them.

Oh it was so lovely today! And I'm sooooo frustrated. I also snapped a couple of photos of this cute home built in 1871 (it's on the National Historic Registry) and is for sale. So super-adorable. But they are gone too. At least the photos Taylor's high school marching band contest turned out ok - not the best, but ok. Here's to a better photo day tomorrow! xo - Em

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My dear friend Lanie has been down with health issues recently so I got her a little pick-me-up. She and I took a cake decorating class together last winter (so fun and messy!). Once she's feeling better I hope we can spend an afternoon making some super-cute cake pops! Get better soon my friend.

If you like to bake yummy treats or like some eye-candy ;)  - check out the new book from Bakerella!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkins everywhere!

Drove to Kalona for breakfast this morning and on the way there's a cute old wagon chock full of pumpkins, gourds and mums! It's a self-serve roadside stand that is set up every fall. So today we stopped snapped away and bought a couple of lovely pumpkins. Happy pumpkin pickin'! xo - Em

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fun - ps: I wore the flower at to the UI football game :)

Here we are a few weeks into my FAVE time of year - autumn. I love LOVE fall! Football, colorful crunchy leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, marching band, all hallows eve, harvest moon, homecoming, hay rides, crisp cool air, caramel corn, and sooooooo much more!
Started getting the autumnal decorations out and having a little fun with them. Chaperoned the homecoming dance at T's high school last weekend. He and his Miss Thing were lookin' sharp.

Saturday we tailgated with good friends before the UI vs PSU game. Of course our beloved Hawkeyes won! It was Homecoming at the University of Iowa and each section was assigned to wear black or gold. Our section was gold. It was a night game and I LOVE those the best. It was cool out, the stadium looked awesome with the sections alternating black and gold. AND WE WON!!! Go Hawks!

Sunday afternoon I took our dog Ellie and drove up to Cedar Falls to see Lise. She took us on a fabulous walk around her favorite little lake up there. Ellie (who's half golden retriever and part lab) thinks she doesn't know how to swim! But we showed her she does - poor pup - there was a look of pure panic on her hairy little face for a just a second - then she doggy paddled a whole foot until she could touch the bottom again. Good times! She was wore out and slept most of the way home (almost two hours). 

Happy Autumn to you! xo - Em