Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye forever my sweet

I'm in Oregon for my dear Aunt Pat's funeral. It has been a tough year and there have been too many goodbye forevers said. My Aunt Pat was quite a gal - she lived a full life in her 81 years. It wasn't easy - she buried her only son shortly after he was married when he was just barely in his 20s. She also buried her only granddaughter who couldn't face her demons anymore. Aunt Pattie watched her only sister slip away from cancer too young; then almost two years ago said her final goodbye to her baby brother. No, life wasn't easy but she was a tough cookie. There were many, many wonderful, funny, poignant times in her life. She worked hard and expected the same from those around her. I miss her red hair, her raspy voice, the wisdom that only comes with age and experience. She was all of five feet tall - maybe, but a firecracker at that. She was there for me when my mother died. We spent many hours talking, walking, sharing, just being together at her Seaside cottage. God - how I love her and will miss her. Rest peacefully my sweet.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn is here!

Spicy apple cider, bonfires, burning leaves, cool crisp air, hayrides, apple pie, candycorn - all splendid reminders of my favorite season - Autumn. This season is rich with color, scents, a true treat for the senses. I'm currently watching an episode of Martha Stewart and she has a vintage Halloween collectibles dealer on with an interesting array of antique Halloween decorations, games, books - from the very early 1900s. Very cool stuff and worth a lot of money! Look in your grandmother's attic or local antique/junk shop and you might be able to score some sweet bank or a start a cool collection of your own. This past Saturday, my friends Robin, Jackie, her daughter Rachel,and I met at Sister's Garden - just down the highway from my house. Sisters and Bloom are two totally awesome vintage/antique/new stuff/junque shops where I LOVE, LOVE to shop. I bought a cute freshly picked pumpkin for outside of my house and a cool, shabby/chipped picture frame that I'm going to makeover. LOVE IT! I'll post before and after pictures. After we shopped we met up in Kalona at the Tuscan Moon for dessert and drinks on their outdoor patio. Very fun. Enjoyed some girl time. Jackie lent me her copy of The Other Boleyn Girl which I'm reading before I watch the movie. That's it for now. Life in the Kalona countryside in Autumn. Makes me smile.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Visited Analise at UNI last Sunday. It was fun to meet her roomie Breanna - she is super-sweet! Went to lunch with Analise, Justin and Taylor - fun to visit with them!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No new news about Analise's Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Her endoscopy didn't give her doctor any answers. She took some biopsies from her esophagus but we haven't heard anything. She had an infection in her esophagus again so her doctor suggested she meet with an immunologist. That appointment is this coming Tuesday. Who knows what will happen! She is still throwing up every week. She hasn't missed any classes at college because of it but when I talked to her this morning she was sick again. Aaarrrgghhhh!

Yesterday we had a 50th anniversary party for Tim's parents in Sigourney. I think everyone enjoyed it. There was a nice turnout of their family and friends.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Labor Day weekend in Iowa

Labor Day weekend - not much going on. Tim and Taylor went to the Hawkeyes football game Saturday, the Hawks won and the guys had a good time. Go Hawks! Analise is home from college for the weekend which is nice. She's only been gone two weeks but it's fun to chat and hang out with her. I've been in a funk for a few weeks and can't seem to shake it off. Not important though. Missing family - stuff like that. My good friend Betsy and her family are away for the weekend and my kids and I have been enjoying checking on their Visla puppies - they are SOOOO cute! Betsy's yard is so peaceful and quiet. I'm going to post a few pics. I haven't taken any of the puppies yet - there are 10! Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Analise has another endoscopy Thursday. She had an MRI last week. I sure hope we can get some answers as to why she is so sick all the time. She had another episode this past Monday. I'll talk to her pediatric GI Thursday to see if she has any results from the MRI and blood tests. Silly goose needs to be feeling good at college. Aarrggghhhh - she leaves Monday and of course we aren't completely ready yet. I have a touch of insomnia and can't sleep so I'm writing random notes on this blog. Maybe I'll make some chocolate chip cookies. I use this delicious vanilla from Watkins that my sister gets me. LOVE IT! Maybe tomorrow.

If you know anything about cyclic vomiting syndrome please let me know. That is Analise's diagnosis, unfortunately she hasn't responded well to meds.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scentsy, kids, etc!

Wow! The weather has been awesome here in Iowa the past few days - I've even been able to open the windows at night for fresh air. Usually it's so hot and humid in August it isn't even an option. I'm so excited - today I got my Scentsy order! I've been waiting somewhat impatiently. My super-great friend Jamie in Wyoming introduced me to Scentsy last month when I was visiting. Scentsy offers these cool electric candle warmers/night lights. The one I have is "embellish" and I ordered several different scent bars. LOVE IT! Jamie bought Analise one for college (they can't have candles in the dorms for obvious reasons) - she has the "retro chic" warmer. So cute! Thank you Jamie!

Tim's sister Luann, his mom Bonnie and I spent all day Saturday looking for decorations for Bonnie and Leland's upcoming 50th Anniversary Party! We had so much fun shopping all over Iowa City and Coralville. If anybody has ideas for a 50th please let me know!

Taylor just finished marching band camp - he is so tan from being outside so much. They have a great line-up of music this fall. I can't wait to go to football games and watch them. Analise will also be in marching band this year - in college! Yay! I won't be able to see her as much but we have plans to go to parent's weekend at UNI.

One night last week, after dinner, when the evening light was just right I took our golden retriever Lexi to this super-old cemetery down the lane to see if I could get some good pictures. It was fun experimenting but I didn't get the shots I really wanted so I'm going back soon.

That's it for now! If you need any Mary Kay products for fall just let me know - I'll be placing an order soon.
xoxo -Em

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wyoming was great fun! Hung out with family and friends. Went to Lagoon - spent the day at Lagoon-A-Beach - we left when the park closed. The kids had so much fun. Enjoyed an afternoon at the Fort Bridger Historical Site - my sis Katie hadn't been there in several years and Taylor's girlfriend had never been there so we thought we'd check it out. We kept busy this trip - that's for sure. The kids were in their dad's wedding - it was a lovely evening and the bride was glowing.