Thursday, June 22, 2017

At Peace

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Here she is young and beautiful, a full life still ahead of her. Looking confident in her 30s. This is my sister, Tamara Alice. She died unexpectedly Wednesday, June 20 in Oregon.

Tammy was a mother to three: James, Deana and Jesse. She was a sister to Mike, Buck, Katie, me. She was a grandmother. She was a daughter. She was a cousin and an aunt. She was a friend. She was preceded in death by our mother, Charlene "Chick" and brother, Mike.

Life for Tammy wasn't easy. Her road was long and rough. But throughout her trials she always loved her family, delighted in telling funny jokes, making people laugh and smile. Tammy remembered everything - she could recount events from her childhood, playing with our cousins and siblings. I loved to listen to her stories. Her favorite place to be was on the beach.

Thirteen years my senior, she wasn't thrilled when I was born. Who can blame her? Being the little one for so long, would make most people a little jealous. But she still loved me.

My life is a little darker without her in it. Words are few. I ponder if there is a heaven, an afterlife. Times like these, I like to hope there is. I imagine her sitting with our mom and brother, Mike, sharing laughs. Smiling. Finally feeling and knowing she is loved.

Please tell your family you love them, often. We only have right now. Tomorrow isn't promised.

I love you, Sis, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.