Thursday, August 14, 2008

Analise has another endoscopy Thursday. She had an MRI last week. I sure hope we can get some answers as to why she is so sick all the time. She had another episode this past Monday. I'll talk to her pediatric GI Thursday to see if she has any results from the MRI and blood tests. Silly goose needs to be feeling good at college. Aarrggghhhh - she leaves Monday and of course we aren't completely ready yet. I have a touch of insomnia and can't sleep so I'm writing random notes on this blog. Maybe I'll make some chocolate chip cookies. I use this delicious vanilla from Watkins that my sister gets me. LOVE IT! Maybe tomorrow.

If you know anything about cyclic vomiting syndrome please let me know. That is Analise's diagnosis, unfortunately she hasn't responded well to meds.

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