Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye forever my sweet

I'm in Oregon for my dear Aunt Pat's funeral. It has been a tough year and there have been too many goodbye forevers said. My Aunt Pat was quite a gal - she lived a full life in her 81 years. It wasn't easy - she buried her only son shortly after he was married when he was just barely in his 20s. She also buried her only granddaughter who couldn't face her demons anymore. Aunt Pattie watched her only sister slip away from cancer too young; then almost two years ago said her final goodbye to her baby brother. No, life wasn't easy but she was a tough cookie. There were many, many wonderful, funny, poignant times in her life. She worked hard and expected the same from those around her. I miss her red hair, her raspy voice, the wisdom that only comes with age and experience. She was all of five feet tall - maybe, but a firecracker at that. She was there for me when my mother died. We spent many hours talking, walking, sharing, just being together at her Seaside cottage. God - how I love her and will miss her. Rest peacefully my sweet.

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