Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emma's Addiction...

I have an addiction. There - I've said it. My family already knows about it, in fact, they were probably aware of it before I was. It started when I was a teen - the headlines drew me in month after month with promises of thin thighs, hot guys, awesome fashion, trendy new clothes, I was hooked: Teen, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, People, Glamour, Rolling Stone.

The titles changed as my life did. As a young mom and new homeowner Parents, Family Fun, Creating Keepsakes, Country Living, Country Home, Victoria, Home Companion caught my attention. How-tos on creating the perfect birthday party, Top Ten Toys of the Year, Christmas on a Budget, organize, scrapbook, save money...oh my! I couldn't get enough!
Vanity Fair, Romantic Homes, Oprah, Everyday With Rachel Ray, Real Simple, Marie Claire, Fitness, Martha Stewart Living, People, are my current drugs of choice and can be found in my tote bag, next to my bed or on the coffee table in the living room.

Barnes and Noble lures me in with large magazine racks (a whole wall - YES!). There's nothing like opening a pristine new issue. The pages are tight, the ink is fresh, the perfume sample yet to be opened. So much to read and learn: Scrap A Page A Day! Lose 10 Pounds This Month! Energize Your Life! YES, YES, YES! My favorite fundraiser is the kid who shows up at your door, not with cookies, but with MAGAZINE SALES! She is the lucky girl who comes to my house selling magazine prescriptions - oops, I mean subscriptions.

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