Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't hate - appreciate

Hello lovelies, I just need to say this: mean people suck! I'm going to be a better person thanks to a couple who sits near us at Hawkeye football games. Tim and I have season tickets this year, as do four of our good friends. It's great fun to share in the team spirit and discuss plays, and so forth. Occasionally tickets have been shared with family and friends when one or more of us wasn't able to attend. Several others who sit in our vicinity also have season tickets and we will cheer, high-five, talk and generally just enjoy the sport. It's a great way to spend a lovely autumn afternoon.

Tim and I tailgating before the Iowa/Northwestern game.

However, one couple behind us is a little less than pleasant. It's pretty much a steady barrage of complaints about:
  • the other team,
  • the music played during the game,
  • the marching bands (both the visiting and home team),
  • selection of music played by the marching bands,
  • the weather,
  • the officials,
  • people who cheer too loud,
  • fans who don't cheer enough,
  • how much room they don't have in the stadium (but then bitch about others who leave the game early which gives them more room!),
  • fans on the Jumbotron ("What a dork!" was just one of her rude comments last Saturday).

Their constant bellyaching and criticism has caused me to look good and hard at myself. Do I sound like that too? At times, yes. Ouch! I'm not proud of that. I certainly don't want to be remembered as the hater or complainer. Arrogance isn't pretty, and seriously - I want to be pretty!

So in this month of thankfulness they've reminded me of a few football season blessings. I'm grateful:

  • there are strong, young people to play the game,
  • I have eyes to watch it,
  • I have ears to hear the music and rousing cheers,
  • there are vibrant, talented young people to play, march in the bands and inspire me with their gift of music,
  • for the 70,585 fans that Kinnick Stadium holds,
  • that as of right now the Hawks are 9-1,
  • tailgating,
  • for the camaraderie of old friends and new ones.

You get what I'm saying... ;)

GO HAWKS - and don't hate, appreciate!

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