Saturday, April 24, 2010

Recipe OD

Uuggghhhh...I think I have thousands, literally, of recipes. From the ones I've written down, been given to me by family and friends, clipped from magazines and newspapers, to the couple of dozen recipe books I have. Could this be an obsession? Maybe I'm a recipe hoarder? Nevertheless, those tempting pictures of delish delights call to me. With good intentions I clip them out and add them to one of my recipe boxes. Sometimes I try them but usually I don't. Thursday I took on the task of going through one of my recipe boxes. It was an eye-opener! How many chocolate chip recipes does a gal need? Seriously! I even had a few recipes in there more than once - the SAME RECIPE! Oh my! I've pared it down considerably - keeping the tried and true ones my family loves, and the ones I really, really want to try. Maybe in a few weeks I'll revisit the box and see if there are any more I can part with. xo - Em

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