Saturday, November 5, 2011


Puppy dogs - so cute, lovable, fun, friendly, smelly. Smelly? Miss Ellie was skunked while out in the yard a couple of nights ago. The smell was overwhelming, to say the least. After a bath - a long bath with Dawn soap she smells slightly better. As I sit on my loveseat the unmistakable pungent scent of skunk lingers. I think it's coming from her head - I hesitated to wash her head too much - I didn't want to get water in her ears or eyes. But I think I'll be bathing her again.

On a nicer note, I am inspired by something I saw on Pinterest tonight. As usual. It's so easy to get sucked in to Pinterest. Time seems to stop. Only it doesn't. Flies by.

After bath #2, Ellie smells better. Still a little skunky.
xo - Em

Ellie, pre-skunk.  :)

Zoey on a walk last weekend. She didn't get skunked. 

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