Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Move In Day at UNI

Another school year is upon us and we've been busy at our little house in Joetown. T just started his second year at UNI. He went to Cedar Falls a week early for marching band (go Panthers!) and of course the one day we move him it on this summer of drought it was pouring, POURING rain. He has a new (used) loft that he bought from a former UNI student - it's a double loft and T doesn't live on the first floor anymore. I'm sure it was quite a sight watching us maneuver 14' long boards up FIVE flights of stairs. Luckily we were able to take the rest of his things up in the elevator.

Miss A was a good big sister and climbed up on the loft and made her baby brother's bed for him. Awww... We left a couple of hours later than we'd planned and shared pizza in his dorm when we were done moving and unpacking.

So he's gone and of course there were a few things he forgot. His roommate, and classmate from Mid-Prairie, was coming home overnight so I thought it would be nice if I made a few treats for them along with the bag of items he forgot. T requested various cords that I wasn't quite sure if I knew what they were so I'd take pics with my cell phone and text them to him for confirmation. The main thing he wanted was his bike lock. So I packed a bag filled to the hilt with goodies, cords, some clothes, popcorn bowl. He loves, loves, LOVES Biscoff Spread and white chocolate/almond hot chocolate. Mmmmm... good! Bag successfully packed, picked up by his roomie and delivered to T. But, one thing was missing...

I forgot the bike lock! :/

xo - Em

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