Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fun Finds from Sisters Garden

Ooh-la-la - found some great treasures at Sisters and Bloom in rural Kalona, Saturday.
What's in the bag?

These tea towels are just too much, too cute, too fun! Love them!

Hmmm...what else, is in there? Oh, just a pair of sweet vintage hobnail plates!

Annie B Caramels - there were four, but I just couldn't resist a sweet treat. These were on Oprah's Favorite Things last Christmas. They are divine

Fresh, local honey - yummy! Great for keeping allergies at bay, too.

These soaps... The two on the left are handmade, one is Fruit Loops scent - Tim's favorite. It truly smells like the cereal! Of course I can't remember what the top one is but it smells great - fresh, with a hint of flowers. The bar on the right is Pre de Provence, Jasmine. These are favorites of mine. Pre de Provence soaps are made in France with natural ingredients. Oh so luxurious.

The plates cleaned up nicely and match well with my pretty glasses from Pier One. Whipped up a batch of homemade guacamole and poured fresh lemonade. Pleased as punch with the great finds at Sisters and Bloom!  

Claudia's Guacamole
Avacados - mashed
Red Onion - finely chopped
Cherry Tomatoes - diced
Garlic Powder
Season Salt
Parsley Flakes
Spoon of Lemon Juice - to prevent browning
Spoon of Olive Oil

My Bahamian friend, Claudia, didn't give me amounts - so I just eyeballed and added to taste. Of course, it's fabulous when she makes it. She's a great cook!

Happy Sunday,
xo - Em


William Amber Bluemel said...

Looks like you had a Sunday Funday!! Great finds! Miss that fun little shop!!! Miss and love you. Hope to see you guys soon!! -A

Em said...

Oh yes! I can't wait to see you guys!!!