Sunday, February 21, 2010

What’s going on this weekend…

Reading through an old Hallmark magazine before it hits the recycle bin – I totally enjoyed that magazine – it’s not published anymore. It was chock full of ideas to Inspire, Renew, Nest, Connect, Nourish and had interesting features. I’m also enjoying Tara Frey’s Blogging for Bliss – great blogging tips, gorgeous pictures and I’m loving the “Meet the Blogger” pages – little glimpses into the worlds of our favorites bloggers. The book is inspiring – thank you Tara for keeping it fresh!
Getting ready to bake a cake for a Wilton cake decorating class I’m taking with a couple of friends. I have the decorating frosting all made up – three consistencies. Not sure I care for the taste – it has a lot of shortening. I think I’m more of a buttercream frosting kind of gal. :)  We have to bring an iced cake to class (which is Monday night) for our blank canvas. Honestly I thought we’d be practicing on parchment paper or cardboard. It seems kind of silly to bake a cake each week. I know how to bake – just want to learn decorating techniques to frost a cake! We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow night, I’ll take a few snaps to share.
I hope you are having a blessed weekend. xo - Em

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The Reger Family said...

oh how fun, I have always wanted to learn to decorate cakes! I hope you have fun doing it! Be sure to take pictures and share with us! :0)