Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New on the homefront

Haven't been blogging in some time. Sorry for the departure but we've had a lot of different things going on - some happy some not so much. On a great note - Taylor was honored to be selected for Individual All State Festival where he performed an Improvisation. He was funny (which of course I think he always is) and received encouraging and useful comments from the critic. Yay Taylor! Here are a couple of pics of his t-shirt from All-State. Cameras weren't allowed during the performances. 

Spent a little dough at my favorite shop in Kalona - Sister's where I bought this sweet handpainted Create Beauty sign and a little posy for inside the darling yellow chick. I love spring with the promise of life, pretty pastels, adorable baby animals, chocolate Easter bunnies. Ahhhh...spring.

Here is a picture of the fabric I'm using for my next rag quilt. The main colors are pink and brown. I absolutely LOVE the paisley print Moda fabric! Yummy! What is inspiring you these days? I'd love to hear!  xo - Em

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McCreath's said...

Cute I love the fabric and the sign and way to go Taylor!! My passion if I have time right now is sewing baby quilts and making cards. That is if I have time. ;)