Thursday, January 7, 2010

365 Day 7 - More Snow and High Winds - about one foot of fresh snow!

We live in Joetown (the Village of Joetown) and here's a shot of Angle Rd. from inside my car on my way home from work. The County was pulling the plows off the roads because the wind speed was over 20 mph. At this time, the roads weren't drifted over but I'm sure they are now. There is two feet of snow on my back deck. I'm soooo over winter!


megan-yoder said...

Wow! that snow is insane! ahh!!

.....on the bright side, its sunny with a high of 80 degrees in Honolulu. :)

Virginia said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the cards! Email me at 2blackflipflops at gmail dot com and I will send you the address to send your card to!

Thanks again!