Sunday, January 17, 2010

“Something delicious…with a hint of pineapple…”




I had nothing planned for dinner this past Thursday. Rang home and asked my son what he would like for dinner. “Something delicious!” Oh really, I’m thinking, my regular meals aren’t delish?I ask him what he has in mind: “chicken and pineapple kabobs, something with a hint of pineapple.” I’m thinking to myself that I probably won’t find kabobs at my favorite meat counter since it’s the dead of winter. Not to mention that my barbecue is on the back deck that is still covered with several inches of snow.

No worries though, at my favorite grocery store Fareway, I told the young guy behind the meat counter what I was looking for. He kind of laughed and asked if it was my son’s birthday or a special occasion. “No, obviously he has too much time on his hands,” I replied. To which he said, “He much be watching the Food Network. That’s always on in my room when I’m at my parent’s house.” He was serious! What a sweetie! No kabobs, but he suggested chicken breasts topped with pineapple salsa.

We feasted on fresh chicken tenders topped with salsa and pineapple chunks, smoked salmon fillets, and shrimp. Yum-O! Taylor said our dinner Thursday evening was delicious. I would have to agree. 

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