Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye August

As this last weekend of August was winding down and the sun was setting I grabbed my camera and prepared to head out. But there was no keeping Ellie home. She met me at the back door when she heard me putting on my shoes, tail wagging and all - I had to bring her too. Now I need to say she isn't the best dog in the car. We have leather seats so I put an old flannel sheet down to keep her from sliding around and scratching the seats - she just won't sit still in the car! Of course, summer in Iowa is hot, hot, HOT! With the heat index, temps today were around 90 and it was sticky - that darned humidity! On our drive we alternated between having the air conditioning on and turning it off to open the windows to feel the hot breeze.

We saw a couple of deer, a cat, a few dogs, lots of sheep, goats, cows, children throwing a football in front of an old farmhouse, an Amish girl waved to us, rows and rows of corn, fields of soybeans, fresh cut hay, oodles of dragonflies. We finished our drive by stopping at a nearby enchanted cemetery where we were nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes but got a few pics despite them.

September is calling to us, teasing us with falling leaves, warm colors, football games, apple cider, leaves that crunch when we walk upon them, The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown trying once again to kick the football. Oh Autumn, we await your arrival and embrace the cool air, bonfires, pumpkins. xo - Em

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Gracie said...

I'm happy that our weather is starting to warm up.

Thanks so much for entering in my giveaway :)